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Welcome to BDMC OP Prison's Website! 

You can do many things on this Website, like Purchasing Ranks, Using the Forums, Browing Features and More!

BDMC OP Prison is a Overpowered Prison server run by nameiztaken, zander_2013 and his staff.

OP Prison is a server type similar to Prison, just on steroids!

How to play:

When you first start off you are A rank, Your goal is Free or even Prestige. You start off by going to /WARP A And mining until you have aquired a good amount of Items, then you should go to a Plot Shop (player made shop, generally higher prices - but watch for scams!), or sell the items to the Server using shops at /Warp A. When you have the required money to rankup (/rankup tella you how much you need, so does /ranks) you can do /Rankup, bringing you to B rank and so on. To get to your ranks mine, (ec, G Rank) you can do /Warp (current-rank-letter) When you reach Free rank, you have access to the Free world. Where you can play vanilla mikecraft all in the server. Prestiging allows you to restart while keeping your items, money, & plot. You must contact a admin/owner to prestige.


Latest Features

OP Pickaxe

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Gives your character a OP Pickaxe

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$5.00 USD

VIP Rank on Bravo Delta OP Prison

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